Boulder: Cougars in the carport

Colorado cougars routinely traverse urban areas, study finds


Tracking data also detail AF69's move that week from foothills north of Boulder Canyon to a neighborhood where she killed a young buck, which she cached under a conifer tree near a house, covering it with landscaping mulch and pine needles.

"The interesting thing is that she's living in these neighborhoods but she is rarely seen," Alldredge said. "By and large, this cat is making a living in the urban-exurban environment. She's killing deer. She's doing the best she can in this area where she was born and raised. Part of the city is her home range."

The growing body of research on how AF69 and other cougars survive as Colorado's human population expands includes a case where a cougar cached a deer carcass in a suburban carport under a Chevy Blazer.

Comment: For Bikebubba - former Boulder resident! (See map w the article)

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  1. :^) When we lived in Longmont, we'd occasionally hear the baby crying sound of those big cats. We made sure the kids and dog were in when we did.


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