Summer projects

Summer project season at the Peet household. Time for home maintenance.


  • Replaced broken brick on the front of the house. (I chipped off the edge with the snow plow last Winter). I had a tough time finding a contractor for such a small project. Finally found a mason who replaced the brick on Friday
  • New tile in the master bedroom bath. Existing tile is cracking. We purchased new slip resistant tile at Kate-Lo Tile & Stone. Today is tear out of the old. Tomorrow and Wednesday setting and grouting of new tile
  • Driveway repave by DMJ asphalt. Our driveway really took a beating last winter and is cracked up by the street. I had hoped to not have to do this but had to. Asphalt turned out to be 1/3 the cost of concrete. Good article on Concrete vs Asphalt Driveways? This project looks to happen in September

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