Stadiums: Not trusting the voters

Dayton: Get stadium done


Gov. Mark Dayton said Tuesday that he doesn't care whether Ramsey County voters get to decide on a sales-tax increase for the proposed $1.1 billion Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, he just wants to make progress on building the team a new stadium.

And he dangled the possibility of calling a special legislative session to address the stadium issue in November.

"I don't have a problem with [a referendum], but I'm not advocating it," Dayton said. "I want to get this stadium project done."

The governor's comments clarified remarks from Monday at the State Fair where he said he would support a referendum. Dayton said those comments were twisted.

"I'm not supporting it, per se. I'm not opposed to it. If they pass legislation and the Legislature goes along with it, I'll support it," he said of the referendum.

The Ramsey County Charter Commission is meeting Wednesday night to discuss a possible ballot question on the sales tax. The deadline for 2011 has passed so the question, if approved, wouldn't be on the ballot until November 2012.

The Vikings want the issues resolved sooner. They say they have waited in line while others got new stadiums and now it's their turn.

The referendum question is critical because Ramsey County voters likely would reject a sales-tax increase. St. Paul voters, who make up more than half the county, soundly rejected a sales tax proposal to build a Twins stadium in 1999.

Comment: Let the people vote on this! (I live in Hennepin Co so this does not directly impact me)

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