The FastMac U-Socket



U-Socket is a duplex AC receptacle with built-in USB ports that can power any device that is capable of being charged via a 5V power adapter, but without the need for the power adapter! When a U-Socket replaces a traditional 3-prong AC wall socket, you can eliminate the clutter of AC Adapters that stick out & take up space in your home or office. Everything stays neat & organized. In addition, U-Socket's energy efficient design only outputs power through the USB port if something is connected to it. This can save you up to $25 per year in reduced energy costs.

Comment: I ordered 3! 4-6 week wait. I'm thinking: 1 in the den, 1 in the kitchen, and 1 in the LR


  1. That is awesome.

    However, I had read somewhere mixing DC and AC in an electrical outlet is not according to code. You may want to check on that.

  2. Very nice. I suppose the code issue depends on where you live. But even then as long as you install it yourself and take them out before you sell the house, I'd go for it. Unless of course it's an actual safety issue...


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