Breaking Bad - my simple review

Yesterday my brother and I watched the final two episodes of Breaking Bad (Netflix). My history with Breaking Bad:

  • I missed the series completely when it originally aired - except the final episode
  • My brother and I began watching it about 18 months ago. I think there are almost 70 episodes and it took us some time to watch as we only get together from time to time.
  • My review is simple - my view of five of the main characters

  • Walt starts as a nerdish, bright, no-so-successful chemistry teacher with cancer.
  • At the beginning of the series he is a moral man
  • He devolves into a murdering monster

  • Walt's wife.
  • A very good, loving mother
  • Midway through the series she becomes complicit in Walt's criminal activity while remaining naive about the darker elements of Walt's life
  • At the end, she is horrified by her actions

  • Walt's brother-in-law and a DEA agent
  • My favorite character (or close to)
  • Hank is a moral man who remains moral throughout the series - a man of principle! Spoiler: Dies in penultimate episode.

  • At the beginning a dope-head loser kid
  • At the end a man who has developed a conscience.
  • There is hope for Jesse.

  • The innocent son who believes in his father
  • At the end, knowing his father's wickedness, completely rejects him (and refuses his father's money)
  • I identify with Flynn because we share a common handicap. Flynn and I both walk with crutches
My brother's view: He used to view Band of Brothers as the best series on TV. He views Breaking Bad as topping that. 

Should you watch? Decide for yourself. Christianity Today: Why We Need Breaking Bad

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