[insert STUPID] Indiana University students mistake Priest in line for frozen yogurt for KKK member

Priest mistaken for KKK member while getting FroYo


Panic ensued on a college campus last week when social media fueled rumors that a member of the Ku Klux Klan had been spotted. The man, as students later realized, wasn't a Klan member, but rather Father Jude McPeak, an ordained priest from Evergreen, in line for frozen yogurt while wearing his habit. Students from Indiana University took to Twitter to caution fellow students of a man "dressed in white robes" who was seen on campus "carrying a whip." A university dorm resident advisor subsequently sent out a cautionary email to students in his building, and campus-wide chaos ensued. While a mix-up between a Klansman and a priest seems unlikely, McPeak, who serves as the director of campus ministry at the Saint Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University, said he could understand the confusion.
Comment: The order responded with help identifying them

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