The Not-So-Proletariat Life of El Maximo Lider

The Secret Life of Fidel Castro - A former security agent shows the leader lived large while preaching revolutionary sacrifice.


Sánchez witnessed firsthand Castro’s indifference to Cuban poverty. The comandante gave interminable speeches calling for revolutionary sacrifice. But he lived large, with a private island, a yacht, some 20 homes across the island, a personal chef, a full-time doctor, and a carefully selected and prepared diet. When a Canadian company offered to build a modern sports-facility for the nation, Castro used the donation for a private basketball court. Wherever he traveled in the world, his bed was dismantled and shipped ahead to ensure the comfort he demanded.
Comment: Image source = Flickr. El Maximo Lider = The "Maximum Leader"

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  1. Some of us are more equal than others.

    Really, no surprise that someone with total control uses it for his own benefit. If only those who advocate that here could catch on.


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