Bill Gross' Bloomberg Terminal to be in Smithsonian

'Bond king' Bill Gross donates old Bloomberg keyboard, Beanie Babies to Smithsonian


The co-founder of Pacific Investment Management Co. also donated several other items from his trading desk -- a Monroe Trader bond calculator, two Beanie Babies (one red bull and one black bear) and a pair of fuzzy dice always set to lucky number 11. ... Gross' status in the financial world made his keyboard even more important, Liebhold said. He added that the addition of the dice and the Beanie Babies helps to humanize Gross' keyboard beyond its technological value. "I was really interested in the notion of Bill Gross as the individual," he said. "It really makes that moment where our visitors can really identify with it much more." Gross said he always arranged his dice and Beanie Babies a certain way at his desk and might be tempted to do so when he sees the exhibition. "I'll want to adjust the dice to 11 if they're not to 11," he said. "And make sure the bull and the bear are appropriately placed so that if I'm bearish on the market, the bear is a little more forward than the bull." The keyboard also has a signature Gross touch. At the top is a piece of white sticker tape with his old password on it.
Comment: Screen shot from article.

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