Greece debt crisis: Do I care?

Greece debt crisis: Why should I care?

Greece makes up just 2% of the eurozone economy, so stay or go, why care? Here are five reasons.:

  1. 'Grexit' could be disastrous for Greece
  2. Whatever the outcome, it will have a knock-on effect in other countries
  3. The US is worried
  4. If Greece goes, others could follow
  5. The global economy won't like it
Comment: Image source. My take:
  • First of all it looks like some sort of deal may be struck this week. I'm still skeptical although the stock market is responding today as if the deal is solid. I personally expect more broken promises (Greece) and more stuggles. 
  • About disastrous for Greece? Yup! If the Greek populi is so unconcerned well then it is there problem.
  • About the US being worried. The context there is about Greece running into the arms of Putin's Bear. Well that would be stupid! 
  • The slo-mo train-wreck interests me because it, in my mind, foreshadows the US debt crisis that I may still be alive to witness. But I am concerned for my children and the country I love. There are lessons to be learned from this mess!

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