Cisco buys OpenDNS

Cisco buys a DNS provider to protect you in the cloud


When you think of internet security from Cisco, you probably imagine firewalls and routers (usually) stopping hackers and malware from hitting your network. You're going to have to expand that definition very shortly, though. Cisco has snapped up OpenDNS, whose domain name services you might have used to dodge regional restrictions or improve on your internet provider's less-than-stellar connection. The networking giant isn't making the acquisition for any of those reasons, though. Instead, it's all about boosting Cisco's cloud security -- the goal is to defend against attacks on your corporate network wherever you happen to be, and to predict threats before they strike. You might not get much first-hand experience with the fruits of this merger, but things will likely kick into high gear when the purchase closes later in 2015. And in case you're wondering: no, OpenDNS' existing services aren't going away. They'll continue to run as-is (and importantly, expand) under the deal, so you won't have to scrounge around for an alternative.
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  1. And...another good service gets turned into a solely for-profit venture by a corporate giant.

    So now the question is...who's being the least malicious with the data they get from your browsing habits? Since everyone who hosts DNS is most certainly selling the data, either Tor or Epic Privacy Browser remains the only real way to maintain any sense of privacy online.

  2. Possibly some good alternatives here. I've been meaning to set up a service that filters as well anyhow, with a young child now using the computer at times.

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  3. DNS underlying protocol must be efficient to provide security and we can use different DNS servers for this purpose.



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