Travelers and their Umbrella Logo

Travelers Doesn’t Want to Share Its Umbrella Logo


Travelers is an unusual case because it is asserting a degree of ownership of a generic item that also is a popular symbol of protection and other qualities that a range of businesses want to promote, say some brand experts and lawyers. “So what’s next? Requesting that Rihanna issue a disclaimer that she’s not referring” to insurance when she sings her “Umbrella” hit? asks Missouri-based trademark attorney Morris Turek. Travelers, which says it has used an umbrella since the 1800s, hasn’t always owned the trademarks it is now fighting to protect. The company was part of Citigroup from 1998 to 2002, when Travelers was spun out to shareholders. Citigroup kept the umbrella logo until 2007 then sold it to Travelers for an undisclosed sum. Since then, Travelers has sought to convince companies and courts there is no spare room under its upright red umbrella.
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