Jerry Dior: The Man Behind the MLB Logo

The Man Who Made the MLB Logo


Jerry Dior, who died May 10 at age 82 at his home in Edison, N.J., according to the New York Times, was the man responsible. In 1968, he was working as a graphic designer at Sandgren & Murtha, a New York-based marketing company, when MLB commissioned the agency to design a logo. The Wall Street Journal revealed his role in its creation in a 2008 story. “It just came to me,” Dior said at the time. “I did the rough sketch and cleaned it up a bit, and that was that. I never thought anything about it until I turned on the television and saw it on the New York Mets’ uniforms” during the 1969 World Series. Although the logo became famous, Dior didn’t. He left the company not long after creating the logo and received no royalties for it—and didn’t expect any. He did, however, petition baseball for recognition.
Comment: Image source Wikipedia. On whether Harmon Killebrew was the inspiration of the drawing: Yes / No.

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