The Duggars, the Louds and me

The Louds were the first reality show family (c. 1973) and of course everyone knows about the Duggars.  Thankfully few know about "The Peets"! My observations:

  • We "The Peets" are an under the radar, no one wants to know about us, we would never do a reality show, kind of family. I advise more families to eschew the kleig lights of the media! 
  • What's been exciting about "The Peets"? Absolutely nothing! And i like it like that!
  • We are somewhat of a Modern Family and we have our own Bloodlines in that I am a Mayflower descendant.
  • We were married and still are after 204 Kardashian units
  • We've had kids and the grew up and moved out
  • There is no Wiki page on "The Peets" (Thankfully)
  • About the latest spectacle, it does not need to be rehashed here. But it is newsworthy not in a Benghazi kind of way, but rather in a tabloid way.
  • The Duggars are in the news because:
    • They have a lot of kids and kids are good!  
    • They have chosen to be very public about their family and they have had (up to yesterday) a reality show. 
    • They are portrayed as squeaky clean fundamentalist Christians. 
    • And when squeaking clean meets scandal, it's tabloid time.
  • About Christians: I am and we are (Kathee and me). 
  • We are kind of secularists to some of the fundamentalist persuasion because some of our practices are fundamentalist taboos. 
  • Excitement in our lives? I once was very sick and thankfully now I'm not. And I was once arrested. The first gross and the second rather boring. 
  • We are also flawed. I say this not to ridicule the Duggars because I know they would say the same about themselves. By flawed, I mean I am a sinner. I am less than the best husband. Less than the best father (kids please do not comment), and not the perfect employee. 
  • About being a Christian: with Paul I say "I am the chiefest of sinners". And I am redeemed (in that Christ died for my sins). 

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