Tyrel Oates looking to a "career in agriculture"

Wells Fargo employee who emailed CEO about pay resigns


A Wells Fargo employee who made national news last year when he copied thousands of his co-workers on an email asking CEO John Stumpf to give all of them a raise is moving on. Tyrel Oates, who worked in Oregon processing Wells Fargo customer requests to stop debt-collection calls, said he emailed Stumpf a letter of resignation on Friday. Oates, 31, told the Observer he is leaving the bank so he can devote more time to studying for a planned career in agriculture. In his resignation letter, Oates criticizes the company for its “complacent stance” on his request last fall that the San Francisco-based bank give each of its employees a $10,000 raise. According to the resignation letter, about 5,000 people, including Wells Fargo employees and customers, signed a petition supporting his proposed raises. 
Comment: Update to early blog post where I predicted he would not be with Wells Fargo in a year. Image above from this article.

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  1. Oh, goody, another wannabe farmer who doesn't want to pay attention to balance sheets. What could possibly go wrong?


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