An empty Camden Yards

Baseball's first ever game behind closed doors gets underway in Baltimore as Orioles and White Sox stand for National Anthem in front of empty Camden Yards...but at least the mascot got the day off! Excerpt:

The players of the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox lined up for the national anthem this afternoon in front of an empty stadium, in unprecedented scenes never before witnessed in the history of baseball. With the National Guard posted outside Camden Yards and debris still being cleaned up off the streets of Baltimore, the Orioles played the first ever MLB game behind closed doors. Just before the players took the field The Beatles 'Day Tripper' blared out from the PA system to an otherwise eerily silent stadium and 45,000 empty seats. Sirens could be heard ringing outside as a reminder the city is still reeling following Monday's tumultuous riots that hit after the funeral of Freddie Gray who died after suffering a fatal injury in police custody. 'Baseball history will be made here today,' said broadcaster Gary Thorne and the game began. As the sound of ball on bat echoed around the stadium, a first-inning home run was met with only cheers from the Orioles dugout. The game played out under a huge police presence outside and inside the stadium while fans tried to get a glimpse through iron fences around the ball park. Indeed, all around the stadium concession stands where hordes of fans would usually line for hot dogs, peanuts and beer were closed, making the picturesque arena resemble a ghost town. The scoreboard charted the Orioles race into an early 7-0 lead and the cameras followed the play. But the only thing missing on a perfect spring afternoon to take in the nation's favorite pastime were the fans.
Comment: 2nd image snap from the Star Tribune

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