Coke spill took down Bloomberg servers?

Did a spilt can of COKE cause the City computer blackout that brought the world's financial markets to a standstill? 


Bloomberg blamed a 'combination of hardware and software failures in the network' for the outage, which was first reported at around 8.20am and lasted into the afternoon. But reports from inside the company suggested that a spilled can of Coke in one of the server rooms had been responsible for knocking out systems across two continents.

Bloomberg had a massive unexplained outage this morning


Bloomberg terminals went down for nearly two and half hours on Friday. All around the world, Bloomberg terminals refused to connect. No clear cause has been announced yet and hundreds of thousands of traders were pretty much locked out of the world's dominant trading and data platform. Bloomberg confirmed the outage but no cause has been mentioned so far, tweeting: "We are currently restoring service to those customers who were affected by today’s network issue and are investigating the cause." It also looks like some people switched to the less popular Reuters system during the outage.
Comments: You can scare your local IT server administrator with the faux Coke spill (above) that you may purchase here. Middle image is a screen shot from the above article. I have my own soda spill story during a conversion. It wasn't my spill and it wasn't in a server room but it did mess up some documentation.

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  1. Coke spill denied

    In a statement from its Twitter account, Bloomberg said that at this point, there is no sign that the outage was caused by "anything other than an internal network issue."


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