Trip Panic - The Craziness

  • By the time this is published, I should be back from our Texas trip. I don't post pre-trip because I don't want to expose my house to thieves who would be aware in advance of my travel plans.
  • Firstly we had a nail in the right rear tire of the Buick. Kathee came home from shopping on Saturday 4/18 and the tire was low. We inflated it to 40 lbs. We went out to dinner that night and when we arrived at the restaurant it was down to 36. The next day as we went to church it was less. Looking ahead to leaving on Wednesday 4/22 at 6 am, we knew we had to get it repaired. I was able to get it into Tires Plus in Plymouth and they repaired it. It was a small nail. Cost ... about $ 30. 
  • Monday and Tuesday were craziness at work. It can always be an frenzied environment but it was much crazier than normal. At 4:30 pm on Monday a lot of things came my way and was dumped on me at the last minute. Tuesday 4/21 was the same. 
  • Then on Tuesday, Kathee who was working from home, discovered that a water valve in the basement was leaking. It was rapidly filling a bucket. Fortunately we have a good relationship with Weld and Sons Plumbing in Plymouth and they were able to make an emergency call to the house to repair it. 

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