Walmart's Four Season Mall location for sale

Walmart's Four Season Mall location

PDF: Data sheet

Comment: The city of Plymouth never permitted Walmart to develop this site. Walmart purchased the site for $ 10,600,000 in November 2014. Follow this tag for previous posts


  1. Looking at other Wal-Mart sites, I think Wal-Mart made a huge mistake, because typical store sites are much larger than this one. Now the city was aiming for another yuppieville, for better or worse, so they're implicated, too, but if they really wanted to cover 1/3 of the land with the building and most of the rest with parking lots, they were really doing another "101 ways to Pave the Earth" kind of thing.

  2. It also seems like it would be a nightmare for traffic. That intersection on the west side of the property with a Cub Foods across the street? Ugh.

  3. But comparing site size with where they're planning on putting a Super Walmart about a mile from our house, I think your point stands, BB:


  4. Update: Sale Price: $8,500,000 or $11.28 PSF


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