The M.T.A.: "Will it ever return? Will it ever return?"

Boston’s Commuter Nightmare Drags On


The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s train problems began after a late-January blizzard that contributed to the 8 feet of snow that have fallen so far this winter—second only to the 1995-1996 total. Four days after the last major storm over the weekend, aboveground rail lines were still beset by widespread delays and service cuts. The system’s general manager warned this week it could take a full month to restore normal service. “At first people were laughing about it, now they’re getting angry,” said Lindsey Bouley, a 34-year-old district merchandiser for retailer Urban Outfitter, who waited two hours Wednesday for a train between downtown and the suburbs. Critics say the snow has exposed longer-running problems such as misplaced spending priorities and a $5.5 billion debt burden that has sucked away money that could otherwise be used for basic upkeep. “There’s been chronic underinvestment and neglect for decades,” said Kristina Egan, director at Transportation for Massachusetts, a group of local organizations focused on affordable and environmentally friendly transportation. Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican who took office in January, has criticized the transit system but has said reform efforts need to start with the premise taxpayers have been taxed enough.
Comment: My daughter and son-in-law are enjoying Boston this year!


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