Willy Wonka's magical Elevator - Almost

Elevators Set to Take New Direction - ThyssenKrupp Designs System That Uses Less Space, Can Travel Horizontally


For more than a century, elevators have helped shape skylines around the world largely through the same technology: a car pulled up and down by a cable. A new technology could change that. Manufacturing giant ThyssenKrupp AG is rolling out a cable-free elevator, a technology that—if it works as advertised—would allow multiple cars to run in the same shaft, and to run not just up and down but also diagonally and sideways. While not quite on the level of Willy Wonka’s Great Glass Elevator, such a technology would permit buildings to stretch higher, with less space for elevator shafts, and to expand in new shapes, architects and engineers believe. “I could almost not think of a technology that has the potential to fundamentally change tall buildings like this one,” said Antony Wood, executive director of the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a skyscraper trade group.
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