Turns out there's some truth to "You're Not You When You are Hungry"

How the Brain Uses Glucose to Fuel Self-Control

The brain is as real a blood-and-guts biological entity as… your blood and guts. The brain requires tons of energy—at rest, it consumes about 25% of your circulating glucose, despite constituting only about 3% of your body weight. As you carry out a particular behavior, the rate of glucose consumption jumps in the pertinent brain region. If you listen to a symphony, your auditory cortex elevates the metabolic rate. If you learn something new, it’s the hippocampus that fires up. Tap dancing sparks the motor cortex. And when you’re displaying willpower, thinking, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, you’ll regret it….” it’s your frontal cortex that kicks into gear.
Comment: Imagine this part of the study ....
Volunteer married couples had their blood sugar levels monitored daily for weeks. Each evening participants rated the level of any anger they were feeling toward their spouse. Subjects indicated their level of anger through the number of pins they’d put into a voodoo doll representing their spouse.

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