Arizona's 2nd Congressional District - the final seat to be decided

One race still must be decided.

In a Democratic-held district in the Tucson, Arizona-area, an automatic recount will determine whether Rep. Ron Barber keeps his seat or Republican challenger Martha McSally prevails. McSally led by fewer than 200 votes. If McSally wins, Republicans would have 247 seats, the largest majority since 1929-31 when the GOP controlled 270 seats in President Herbert Hoover's administration.
Comment: In recount. McNally leads by less than 200  votes. More here and here.


  1. Link to AZ Secretary of State with official results. It has not be updated since December 1st. Sounds like recount will be finalized in about a week

  2. Update: Why Two 2014 Candidates Are Still Begging Donors for Money - There's a recount in one of Arizona's House races, which means both candidates are still raising money from a tapped-out political donor base to cover the fees.

    McSally led Barber by only 161 votes after the initial tally in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District, a gap so small that it triggered an automatic recount under state law. That means paying staff to stay on a bit longer and, most importantly, bringing on specialized (and pricey) lawyers to monitor the retabulation of ballots, which will be resolved by Dec. 16. So Barber and McSally have looked to local donors, party leadership, and their friends on Capitol Hill in order to find political funds at a time when no one else is really trying.


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