Time to upgrade to HD TV?

I'm thinking about upgrading to HDTV. Currently we have a giant, 33" CRT JVC TV. I'm guessing it weighs 100 lbs. What I am considering:
  • HD TV ... Our space is not large so perhaps a 38" LED TV
  • A Blue-Ray DVD player with wireless
  • A Roku streamer
  • And upgrading our Comcast service to HD.
Any advice?

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  1. I'd keep in mind that you're wanting to move in the next few years, no? If so, I'd take a walk around the house and envision where the next owner is going to put his 72" flat screen, and ask yourself whether the current setup you've got in your parlor is going to meet the next owner's needs. Maybe talk with the one realtress at Fourth that helps all the seminary profs move....

    Other that that, my only thought is that electronics reliability is in general dismal, so my tendency is to keep what's working for as long as I can. Suffice it to say I am not an early adopter, which is of course why I'm working on cutting edge technology for a career.:^)


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