Emerald ash borer infestation

Minneapolis trying to deal with five new areas infected with emerald ash borer


“All ash trees are at risk, and all of the infected trees will die,” Peggy Booth of the Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission told members of the City Council’s Regulatory Services, Energy and Environment Committee. “We really have five new areas of the city that now have confirmed emerald ash borer as of late winter,” said Booth. Ash trees are a major part of the urban forest in Minneapolis, with 38,000 on public land and an estimated 175,000 on private property.
Comment: See Emerald ash borer infestation. We had the Bachman's consultant out today. He recommends a dwarf crab apple to replace the green spruce. Consultant says that it is likely that ash in front yard and ash in side yard will be killed off within 5 years.


  1. They've been dealing with the emerald ash borer here for a couple years now. Our village has worked to remove all trees that could be infected to prevent the spread - last summer they took down about a dozen trees in the park between our house and the river.

  2. It's very sad. Our time frame for moving is 3 years so hopefully they avoid infestation

  3. More: Mark Andrew proposes doubling annual tree planting in Minneapolis:

    The emerald ash borer is going to kill 38,000 public ash trees and another 175,000 of the trees on private property.


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