Roger deploys to Afghanistan

 Minn. National Guard Unit Deploys to Afghanistan


Their mission will be to clear roads of improvised explosive devices that could injure or kill U.S. troops as they patrol and largely withdraw from a country three times the size of Minnesota. "It can be dangerous, (but) we're prepared," Capt. Matt Jukkala, commander of the 849th Mobility Augmentation Company based in Litchfield, said in an interview. The company, of which four out of five soldiers will be going on their first overseas deployment, will train for several months in Ft. Bliss, Texas, before arriving in Afghanistan in the Fall.
Comment: Sad goodbye yesterday


  1. Will keep praying for him and others in harm's way.....

  2. Bert ... thanks ... I really appreciate that!

  3. I'll too pray for his safety, and for your own peace of mind as he's deployed.

  4. Roger at 10:24 a.m.: "I am on the bus to the airport right now. Out bus is being escorted by the patriot guard. Hwy 12 is lined with people waving flags in Every small town we drive through, it's pretty cool.

    I'll call you later today when I get to Texas."

  5. Fort Bliss address

    SSG Peet, Roger
    Directorate of Mobilization and Deployment
    Bldg 2453 MoB 849th MAC
    Ft Bliss, TX 79916

  6. Roger called last night. Said unit would be moving to McGregor Range @ White Sands Missile Range on Monday.


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