Data Backup options

Practical Back-Up Solutions for Your Digital Files

  • I back up to our Linux server (downside is that if the house were destroyed, this backup is not geographically remote)
  • Really important stuff is in the cloud (tax data with TurbuTax, Wells Fargo maintains 7 years of statements available on-line)
  • Also some files are on GDrive
  • Photos are on Flikr
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  1. This surprised me: backing up files wirelessly is much faster than backing up to a USB flash drive (USB 2.0) directly connected to MacBook

  2. A couple years ago I decided to go the online backup route because of the geographic challenge you mention. I started out with Mozy, but they lost me as a customer when they dropped their unlimited data option. CrashPlan has worked very well since then - we currently back up about 220 Gb of data. I've tested restoring files a few times over the last 18 months and had no issues whatsoever.


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