My Aunt's Alto house for sale

11432 Kirby St SE, Alto MI

Comment: Mentioned in my earlier post today - August 25,1953 - my cognitive birthday I was Zillowing around tonight to see if any houses in Alto were for sale and low and behold Auntie Eleanor's Kirby street house is for sale. (Eleanor died 10 years ago). Memories of this house:
  • Uncle Jim's Standard Oil tanker truck parked out front
  • My cousin Steve's Cushman motor scooter
  • My cousin Lila's house next door The Methodist church across the street
  • Cousin Steve's bedroom with the mounted bear head
  • Auntie's kitchen
  • Christmas times in the living room
  • Watching TV of the 1st moon landing in 1969
  • Uncle Jim's boat in the garage

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  1. What a coincidence! I’m sure the photo of the house brought you back to the memory lane! Well, I think that there are some things that remind us of our past. I think you had a lot of good memories in that house, and I think your Aunt will be pleased to know that you had some good times in her beautiful abode!


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