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IBM Goes Big on New Mainframe with Fastest Chip, Flash Memory

This system, announced Tuesday, includes a new 5.5-GHz, six-core processor, versus the 5.2-GHz, quad-core processor that shipped with the zEnterprise 196, announced two years ago last month. This may be the world's fastest commercial processor, say analysts. Despite this, it is not as big a jump in sheer clock rate as some of the earlier leaps in mainframe CPU speed. Regardless, IBM says this system has 25% more performance per core and some workloads will see performance gains by as much as 45%.
  • IBM's official announcement
  • Image source = Flicker in above article.
  • Most people never see them ... they are in some vault-like area protected with man-traps and security
  • We had IBM stock way way back when we worked at IBM ... then sold it for a downpayment on a home we bought in Pittsburgh.
  • Recently bought IBM again ... it's expensive (not Apple expensive ... but expensive). A great company!

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