Flushing out the Sewer of First Baptist Church

That sewer had to be flushed out! I have nothing in common with Jack Schaap or Hyles / Anderson. I never was that kind of wacko fundamentalist and I never will be. I doubt Schaap is even saved. The guy did not handle the Word of God appropriately and he was his own authority! It stinks but it is their stink. Praise the Lord for the dismissal of Jack Schaap. (I do grieve for the young woman who was defiled!) All Jack Schaap wanna-be's .... you'll fall too!
  • Advice to all First Baptist Hammond true Christians: Walk out. Don't look back. Find a church that truly teaches the Bible and has humble leadership! Starve that beast of your labor, talent, and money!
  • Advice to Hyles-Anderson students ... Don't go back. Transfer to MBBC, NBBC, BJU, Faith or some other Christ-honoring place that does not have a statue of an adulterer!
In praise of sewer workers Ed Norton - Sewer worker AND The Song of the Sewer – Art Carney

 I work in the sewer, It’s a very hard job. You know they won’t hire Just any old slob. You don’t have to wear A tie or a coat. You just have to know How to float.


  1. I was going to rebuke you for picking on decent, respectable sewers that way.

    The shaft thing is hilarious. Or sad. I can't figure out which.

  2. Free E-Book: The Two Jacks

    (Dave Cloud .. Way of Life Ministries. Written before the 2nd Jack's fall!)

  3. Since David Cloud disagrees with everyone...he's bound to get one right once in a while! :)


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