Update on Canceling a Credit Card

Back in December we made a decision (detailed here: Canceling a Credit Card ) to eliminate 1 of our three credit cards. We just weren't using it and I wanted to simplify our financial lives by having two instead of three. The problem was that the said credit card was our oldest credit card history wise (going back 20+ years). The credit card vendor warned us that our FICO score would go up if we canceled that card. In my letter to them (I got the idea from the Web), I requested this of them:
In addition, please include on our credit report that the account was closed at our own request and that the account was in good standing at the time it was closed.
We use MyFico to track our credit (ID theft, scoring, etc). We received our quarterly FICO report this week and our credit score is identical to the previous time (in the 800's). Note (the image above), that the reporting indicates that the account was closed at our request.


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