Critter in the attic - update

Animal control is at the house now. Kathee is at the house and reports:

The raccoon's access is via a juniper tree on the S side of the house. There is evidence of skat by that tree. There are 2 access holes: one on the front porch where the garage roof line intersects with the porch roof line and there is a small overhang in a corner there. And the other is in the back.

Animal control theorizes that the raccoon fell through the one in the back. Animal control will trap the animal and seal the holes. He recommends that we have the juniper removed as well as a tree by the kitchen window.

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  1. Next door neighbor's house also under raccoon attack.

    3 traps set yesterday. After 1 day ... zero catches

    2 trees removed today to prevent raccoon's access to roof


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