Critter(s) in the attic

Minnesota Wild Animal Management

Monday night after dark we heard an animal in the attic (near the front above the dinning room).

Tuesday Kathee inspected the front of the house to see it there was any hole or access point. None found.

Saturday Kathee did a walk around the house and found a large section of soffit (about 14" x 20") on the ground. At the roof line under the gutter.

We have a walk out rambler and the place where the soffit section has been removed is probably 23-25' off the ground. The roof line there has a little jut over the porch so there is an angled area where a critter was able to leverage itself and pry the soffit away. The bent piece of soffit was on the ground. How animal control works this:
  • They set traps (on the roof)
  • They will monitor the traps for 5 days
  • Upon successful trapping they will seal the hole (either straighten the existing piece of soffit or put in a new one)
I suspect a raccoon as we have seen what we believe to be raccoon tracks on the raised deck (which itself is 12' above ground level)

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