Name the company behind the Peanut Butter?

The major brands are Skippy, Jiff, and Peter Pan.

Can you guess the company who makes each?

Options: P&G, Unilever, ConAgra, Smuckers. I'll add a comment with the correct answers but try to guess before you look!


  1. My own favorite (before I answer the question) is Jiff Crunchy! I have a P/B sandwich every Friday for lunch and normally one Sunday night after church.

  2. Jif is produced by Smuckers. I believe this is the # 1 brand of P/B. Formerly a P&G brand.

  3. Skippy is produced by Unilever

    Skippy is interesting (to me) because of a trademark dispute over the name. More information at Skippy.com

  4. I mention these because as an investor I have this sense that food stocks are good stocks to own. My guess is that most homes have a jar of peanut butter in the pantry.

    These are all good stocks. I don't have Smuckers but I would like to invest in them.

    SJM pays at 2.5% dividend.

    CAG pays a 3.8% dividend.

    UN pays a 3.1% dividend.

    Think about that the next time your spread it on!


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