Kids and shots

Kathee and I got our flu shots yesterday. I asked the nurse what percentage of kids cried when they got a shot. Answer: Infants = 100% because of the shock of it. 10 year olds = about half

Comment: Image source: Polio shots for children at Lincoln School, St. Cloud, 1953


  1. I suspect the percentage goes back up to nearly 100% for adults....

  2. I've had some shots that nearly brought me to tears.

    My flu shot ... literally I did not even feel it. But I have reduced feeling below my neck because of my spinal injury.

    Shots that were very tough: Shots in my vertebrae. I had shots into six locations on more than one occasion. Each shot had a Novocaine shot before the (as I recall) Cortisone shots to my lower back. I gripped the table .. it was so uncomfortable.

    I've had a shot of something into the spinal column for a contrast cat-scan. I've had this procedure twice. Again the main shot was preceded by some kind of a pain medicine shot. Extremely uncomfortable. I thought I was going to pass out.


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