CatEye LD-500 Tractor light

Roger (my son pictured above) mounted a CatEye LD-500 flashing bike light on the back of my tractor. We used the CatEye read rack mount bracket (SKU 534-2250 ) and some small parts from the hardware store (stainless steel screws, etc) to attach the bracket to the back of the tractor. CatEye tech support in Boulder was particularly helpful in suggesting the correct bracket.

Light (purchased at a local bike shop): $ 18.23
Bracket from CatEye:$ 8.00
Batteries and small parts:$ 6.03
Total:$ 32.26

I also had to pay the son .... Jimmy Johns for 3 - $ 20. (Roger returning from Jimmy Johns bags in hand!)

I could have saved $ 5.00 had a bought the light from Amazon.

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