Cain is "toast"

Four accusers

Fourth Woman Accuses Cain of Sexual Harassment


A fourth woman on Monday accused GOP presidential contender Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. At a news conference in New York City, attorney Gloria Allred identified the woman as Sharon Bialek, who she said had "sexually inappropriate" encounters with Cain.

Comment: He may have done nothing wrong. But in the end money will not flow to his campaign. He is not the Republican champion who will defeat Obama.

Joke at work:

Herman Cain approached a German Fräulein.

She sternly rebuked him: "Nein ... Nein .... Nein"

Comment: I did not get it at first (slow on the uptake!)


  1. Named accuser. Stick a fork in him.

    But why now, and not when he was running for other offices, which he's done? Interesting here......it seems that there is a hit squad that turns on when a man runs for a particular office.


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