How much snow today?


When all is said and done, Augustyniak thinks the Twin Cities will see between 7 and 10 inches of snow.


By tonight there may be 1 to 2 inches of new snow. The big show is tonight with snow and blowing snow with another 2 to 3 inches overnight and 1 to 2 inches tomorrow leaving us with 4 to 7 inches of total accumulation.


One-two inches of snow is expected in the Twin Cities by late Tuesday afternoon. The Twin Cities could see 5-8 inches of snow by dawn Wednesday.


The first course, snow flirting with eventual double digits in depth, will start falling just in time for the Twin Cities' Tuesday evening commute, said National Weather Service forecaster Tony Zaleski.

In fact, areas south of the metro, such as New Ulm, are already reporting snowfall, the Weather Service said.

The next plate of wintry conditions: high winds, creating blizzard-like conditions when daybreak comes Wednesday, Zaleski said. And metro residents should expect to see about a half-foot of snow Wednesday morning on top of the 1 to 2 inches that had fallen Tuesday evening.

Specifically, according to Zaleski, "the bulk of the heaviest snow" should be in northern Washington and Hennepin counties and bending down to Waconia in the extreme southwest metro.

And for dessert? Who can resist temperatures dipped in sub-zero readings.

A "big dam of cold air" will be moving in from northeast Montana in time to send temperatures late Wednesday and early Thursday into the 5- to 10-below range, Zaleski said. "All of that is coming our way."

Thursday's high will be no more than 5-above, he said, with windchills busting through 20-below and then some.

Comment: I think I am ready. We expect a long commute home tonight (if we leave at 5:15 should be home by 6:15). I have the snow plow on my tractor and it is all gassed up. I am a little worried about the tractor battery as it is 10 years old. I probably won't plow tonight if it is just 2" ... just wait until tomorrow.


  1. If you still had kids at home, you wouldn't need that Deere.... :^)

    I'm hoping for lots of snow so I can ski to work tomorrow! (it's only 2 miles)

  2. Of 2 sons .... one was super helpful. Would do anything to help. The other (I'm being kind) was less helpful. Same super helpful son is still so. Whenever he is by, we give him a list and he does it. You can probably guess which one was in the Marines.


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