Heavy snow for Christmas?

2 feet for Christmas? You better watch out


A large winter storm with the potential to dump a foot or more of snow is grinding its way toward Minnesota, and its arrival is likely to mess up travel plans, complicate last-minute errands and ensure a very white Christmas.

"It's not definite yet, but it has an uncanny resemblance to the East Coast storm last Saturday," meteorologist Paul Douglas posted Monday on his Facebook page. "I want to see one to two more computer runs, but this could be the snowiest Christmas for Minnesota in 30 years."

According to a winter storm warning issued this afternoon for central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, the mess is expected to begin Wednesday afternoon -- and go on and on.

"This is major," said James McQuirter, meteorologist at the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service. "It might not get out of here until Saturday."

Douglas said in an interview that, depending on the temperature, freezing rain, sleet and/or ice could enter the picture, particularly to the east and south. Either way, "I think travel conditions Christmas Eve and Christmas Day may be pretty bad," he said, encouraging people to leave earlier on Wednesday if they have that option.

Comment: I think this would be super!


  1. WCCO: "According to WCCO meteorologist Mike Augustyniak, a winter storm could bring as much as 8 to 12 inches of snow in parts of Minnesota on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    On Monday night into Tuesday morning, the Twin Cities saw a dusting of fresh snow. About an inch fell in the metropolitan area.

    Augustyniak said to expect Tuesday to be quiet and cloudy in the Twin Cities, but late Wednesday will bring the beginnings of what will be a high-impact winter storm that will last all the way through Christmas Day.

    "The timing of this storm couldn't be worse," Augustyniak said. "Because it will be such a long-lived storm, both pre-Christmas travels and the trip home may be affected. I think flight delays might be the biggest issue on Saturday."

    The storm should start after dark on Wednesday with the heaviest precipitation falling on Thursday, Christmas Eve. While northern portions of Minnesota will see snow, much of the southern third of the state, including the Twin Cities and southwestern Wisconsin, will see at least some mixing with sleet and freezing rain.

  2. Kare11: "Right now the heaviest snowfall looks like it will be in a swath from the Twin Cities metro area west to Willmar north to St. Cloud northeast to Hinckley with totals over 12 inches possible starting up Thursday early and wrapping up late Friday. "

  3. I have been waiting for something like this since my first year in college in 2001. Hopefully it pans out.

  4. Wow do I ever miss snowstorms! We're already homesick this Christmas...all the snow is making it worse.


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