50 new things and 10 that should die!

50 things that changed our lives in the aughts

10 obsolete technologies to kill in 2010


  • I still occasionally use a FAX. Always at work and outbound. I use EFAX for all inbound Faxes
  • I still like the CD's. I bought 4 this holiday season
  • Still have the landline phone but could do without it. If (when) we buy our own cell phones instead of using company cells ... we will ditch the landline
  • We have satellite radio in the Buick. Probably wouldn't have it in another car

Other: I plowed snow for probably an hour. My house, Mrs Finke's and Paul the neighbor across the street. A very heavy 6-7" of snow. I got the tractor stuck on a ridge at the end of the driveway and Kathee had to shovel me out. I used half a tank of gas. We took the truck out and bought 7 more gallons in 2 containers. I expect to plow again at 5 (before dinner) and maybe again at 10 or so


  1. How about checks? Does anyone still use them? I'm old-fashioned and still use them to send in the US Mail to pay a bill. Although I think I'm getting more and more in the minority. What about anyone else. Do you still use checks?

  2. I haven't written a check in over 5 years! Of course, that's mostly because I live in a country where no merchants accept them. But I can pay my bills online in Indonesia, so I certainly hope that will be the same in the US when I move back.

  3. And does it blow anyone else's mind that the landline phone, while not yet obsolete, most certainly will be in the next 10-20 years? It hasn't been very many years since it was still a complete necessity!

    I also like the author's idea for modifying the power receptacles in vehicles - it makes complete sense.

  4. We have almost given up on checks. I think we wrote 5 this past year.


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