Got the Chumby

Official site: www.chumby.com

The long awaited (I ordered it on 11/15) Chumby arrived yesterday. The set up was easy. The device is enabled and widgets installed via a web interface. I deleted some of the widgets that I didn't deem useful and added a couple of others (like Kare11 weather).

Comment: Wiki Chumby

Weather update: I estimate that we received 3-4" of snow out in Plymouth. When I opened the garage door it looked to be about 3" at the door opening. Because of the wind, it had drifted quite a bit. I estimate that we have a 7" drift across the driveway.

Our drive in was uneventful. I used the remote start to have the car warmed up a bit before we left. We left at 7:30 and arrived at work at about 8:15. Our drive home last night was about 45 minutes (15 min longer than normal).

When I get home tonight I need to plow my driveway and the neighbor's

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