Retirement Planning Seminar

Kathee and I went to an all day Retirement Planning Seminar sponsored by our employer.


  1. Social Security benefits & Medicare
  2. Our company's retirement health benefits (to augment) Medicare
  3. 401K & pension
  4. Preparing emotionally for retirement
  5. Financial planning for retirement

Many friends (co-workers) there: Peggy H, Ken A, Suzanne G, Mary L. Minnie and Joan from my floor were there as well.

My views:

  1. "Life is but a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away" and "for to me to live for for Christ and to die is gain"
  2. At 57, I cannot afford retirement yet. But I think by 65 I will be ready financially.
  3. I am still energized by my job. I think Kathee is too.
  4. Work "ain't all bad" ... consider the alternatives! We are paid well, have good benefits, get 30 days paid leave a year ...
  5. My objective in retirement is to Pastor a small church that could not otherwise afford a Pastor. Will I have the energy? The opportunity? Is this God's will? I will have to wait to see. But that is my direction.

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