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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."

This can be found in the October 28, 1949 entry on page 174 (Chapter 4) of the 1978 hardback edition of the Journal and on page 108 (Chapter 11) of the 1958 hardback edition of Shadow of the Almighty. The quote is also used in the prologue of Shadow on page 15. Below is a reproduction of the actual entry for October 28, 1949 in its entirety from the journal (Collection 277, Box 1, Folder 8). The underlining, the bracket and and the asterisk were probably added at a later time after Jim Elliot's death.

Jim Elliott quote

Jim Elliott biography

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  1. Jim,

    Thank you for the in depth research on the reference to Jim Elliot's quote. Praise God that He reveals that same conclusion to hearts that are willing to give all to receive all.

    Hope that you are enjoying His glory over your day today.

    yours thru His blood and grace,

    A third Jim from neighboring WI.


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