Back home and at office

Came back to a crisis at the office today as no one (including me) notified technology helpdesk about the big release beginning next week.

It really was the function of the project manager to do this, but I took the fall and met with this group to discuss. I added them to the release documentation and to involvement at three steps: planning, piloting, and distribution.

They sent my boss a bill for $ 69,000 for the additional support they will need to provide with the distribution. Not sure how this will shake out.

My name was "in lights" but unfortunately not in a positive way as emails went up as far as my boss's, boss's boss Ann K. Hopefully dust has settled and it will pass.

I imaged my old (2 year old Dell Latitude 600) laptop and handed it off to Barbara on the old team. I still have: flat panel monitor, docking station, monitor stand, mouse, keyboard, and some cables. Hopefully will get Tony to ship them for me, otherwise will have to haul home and to a postal store to have boxed and shipped. My boss does not want to pay for this.

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