Almost 100 degrees

We are having quite a hot spell. Looks to be hot all week.

Today mowed before lunch. Mrs. Finke's yard is so dry that it has hardly grown since last mow on July 4th (and was very dry then). We irrigate and our yard looks ok except a strip on the N side.

I had an iced coffee at Caribou while Kathy shopped at Lunds.

Am having issues with my primary personal email service, bluebottle.com. Or I should say they are having problems. I use bluebottle for personal email, and gmail for commerce. I cannot access gmail from the office (blocked) and over the last two days could not access bluebottle from the office either ... but because of bluebottle server issues.

Today I signed up for fastmail. One time cost of $ 15.00. Looks like it can work for me. Also can send mail from fastmail with an alias ... like from bluebottle.

Bluebottle SMTP and POP still working well from my LINUX desktop.

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