Bull Market Apogee Predicted - 2,863

Bank of America sees end of bull market coming in 2018


Here's how it will happen:
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts "capitulation" for the bull market in 2018, with the S&P 500 peaking at 2,863.
  • Strategist Michael Hartnett said the firm is prepared to "downgrade risk aggressively" once it sees the triggers in place.
  • A shift from passive to active in investor allocations would be one of the signs that the rally is about over.

Comment: Sounds plausible. 2,863 is 10% above today's level. Chart top is from the data below.

   Milestone     Date Achieved 
1,805 11/22/13
1,901 5/23/14
2,000 8/26/14
2,100 2/17/15
2,203 11/22/16
2,308 2/9/17
2,402 5/15/17
2,500 9/15/17
2,594 11/22/17
2,863 8/15/18 (??)


  1. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that we don't need people getting rich off of the stock market. There is no person in the world who needs or deserve to make $100,000 or more a year. Since we don't have caps yet in this country on incomes, I think we should all work to make sure that anyone who makes that kind of money is taxed greatly. I hope that Trump doesn't try to finagle some kind of tax break for investment income.

  2. We woke up to find out that the tax cut was passed by the Senate. This is indeed a sad day for all Americans. I think as Christians we have a right to oppose this and any similar bills and any politician who has the temerity to vote for tax cuts for the wealthy.

    1. Just by nature that the wealthy pay the bulk of the taxes, any cut will benefit them.

      For me ... I think it may be a slight decrease but will have to see how the details sort out.

      For my married middle class son with two kids ... it will mean reduced taxes and it will help them.

      We have one child who is a high earner married to a high earner. I sense they will pay more.

      My oldest son - haven't asked him but I will. He's an accountant and does taxes.

      Meanwhile consider this chart

    2. I do know this ... it will simplify my taxes

  3. I don't think that anyone should pay less taxes - ESPECIALLY the wealthy. No one in the world deserves to make 6 figures of any kind, and those people should have higher traxes to help distribute the tax load of government. I think Minnesota is a great state in that they are anti-wealth and always vote in people with a platform of taxing the wealthy. Of course, there are other issues to be concerned about, but this is a core belief.


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