The Bobby Waller Mustang air jump

Robert Waller, 19, 5638 Delhi Rd., was admitted to Bethesda Hospital with face ... The Mustang also had hurtled over a station wagon in a driveway between the ... The front wall at the home of Mrs. Mary Hess, 5678 Lawrence Rd., was struck ...

Comment:  11/11/66 (from the 11/12/1966 paper. Along a row of terraced homes, his V-8 Mustang went airborne over a parked car in the driveway and slammed into the 2nd story of a home. High School memories


  1. JP, it's interesting to see these kinds of stories. It's a refreshing break from all things anti-Trump! Or are you going to somehow say the flying Mustang was somehow the fault of Trump? :) JP, you know I love you, man. I just can stand the constant anti-Trump rhetoric, so these stories are refreshing.

    I wish that sharp site would go back to being a fun and interesting blog as well instead of it being a constant anti-Trump sounding board. Oh well, it's not mine, so the management can do as they wish.

  2. One of many reasons my dad never got me a sports car..Townsman wagon it was. At least it had the V8..

    I'm guessing that he was not, in the end, OK.

  3. JP, as always, I am respectfully disagreeing with you and that sharp site. No unkindness towards anyone intended. In any event, these are interesting stories. Thank you.


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