Oak Hills High School - Class of 1967 - In Memoriam

To highlight several in the above image:
  • Top row - far left = Bev Cave. Was a real beauty in High School. I was kind of like Toad. She always treated me kindly
  • 2nd row, 3rd from the left, Bill Littleton, died in Viet Nam
  • 3rd row, 2nd from the left, Bobby Waller. Unsure how he died but was in a massive car wreck in HS with his Mustang
  • 4th row - far left. Dave Heil. Died in a car crash the summer after graduation
  • 5th row - far left. Glen Bowers. I was going to join the Navy with him but my Father forbade it and made me go to college.
  • 6th row, 3rd from the left, Joel Perry. Was one of my best friends in HS
  • 8th row, 3rd from the left, Paula Gillespie. I thought very cute but never had the courage to ask her out
  • 9th row, far right. Jim Cederdahl. Died in a tractor rollover in 1970
  • 10th row, far right. Neal Williams. Basketball star
Known obituaries:

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