Weird Chess Moves

  • Black Pawn takes White Knight exposing Black King to Check (bug in program)
  • White Rook takes Black King (never done in chess!)
  • Black Rook takes White Rook (bottom image)
Calling this a win for me (White)

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  1. I consider these enjoyable experiments in artificial intelligence. Years ago I experimented with our Sargon chess program. Often it would say it couldn't move, sometimes it would go catatonic, but the best was when I took away all of its pieces and said "your move". It blinked an empty square to show "from" and beamed in a mangled pawn or knight and proceeded to use that. Similarly enjoyable was giving myself a king and surrounding it with enemy queens: PC move: zoomed a queen away and said checkmate, PC move: stalemate (see it bargaining?), PC move: took the king. At that point its chess morals were broken and it would do anything.


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