Health Update: Good Report

I saw the urologist today and here's the update - it's good if you want to skip the details:
  • I'm now 10 months post surgery and exactly 1 year since "the news".
  • The pathology report on the cells from the removed prostate indicated that the cell type is aggressive and that the cancer had escaped the organ
  • So the routine has been: imaging, blood work and appointments
  • Today's appointment was 12 weeks from the previous
  • While nothing about the "aggressive" has changed, the PSA velocity is flat. It reports at .2 (should be zero with no prostate). The cancer cells are producing the PSA at this point. A helpful article on this is here.
  • Radiation is still a possibility but because they only can reasonably hypothesize that the cancerous cells are in the prostate region, it's a bit like shooting a shotgun into the sky (my analogy). He wants to postpone making the decision for now (radiation has many negative side-effects). A helpful article.
What's next?
  • PSA test in 2 months (March) (to see if velocity has changed)
  • SA text and appointment in May (the 22nd)
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. For all blog posts on my cancer journey click here.

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