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The Itinerant Evangelist ?


there is such a thing as an evangelist, but I think our modern American Christian culture has redefined what it is. We think of an evangelist as a preacher who drives around the country pulling a trailer with a big family preaching the same ten sermons he's had in his Bible since he last studied the Bible years ago. He goes from church to church and holds a week long "revival" so the local church can get on fire for God again and they can bring their unsaved friends in hope that they'll get saved at one of these meetings.

Comment: The Sharper Iron quote by Coach C

  1. Most evangelists that I have run into (and I have spent time with several from [redacted] equate reformed theology with calvinism. These men are concerned about the upsurge of calvinist soteriology. In my experience, there is very little upsurge in reformed hermeneutic. ...
  2. Many evangelists are really concerned about the YF calvinistic types because they fear for their livelihood. Let me explain: Most calvinistic types see very little Scriptural support for the office of the itinerant evangelist. Most calvinstic types see very little Scriptural support for the entities that we currently call "revival meetings". Calvinist types typically do not practice the Finney technique commonly called the "invitation" or the "altar call". Younger, calvinistic types are very committed to the idea of the local church. That idea does not leave room for the itinerant evangelist. As a result of these ideas, itinerant evangelists are seeing a huge drop in meetings and as the number of young, calvinistic pastors continues to increase, the number of evangelistic meetings will decrease.

I don't want to get into the arguments for and against the above, those battles can be handled elsewhere. The men who are quoted here are seeing "reformed theology" decrease their market share in a big way. Furthermore, they have no first-hand knowledge of the Calvinistic-type ministries that are growing and vibrant - because they are never invited to such assemblies.

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